Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Back to Normal

Whew, I'm so glad the holidays are over and I'm back to work and in my normal routine again. I have done a little crafting (I made a pincushion, finished sewing the Frenchy, and have almost completed crocheting a scarf). I finally finished sewing the Frenchy this weekend. I was not happy with the way it turned out. I had trouble with the magnetic clasp tearing my fabric, and the top wasn't even and the opening a little too small. I'm determined not to give up on learning to sew though, it gets better with experience, right?

This weekend I went to Hobby Lobby with my mom and purchased some beautiful yarn to make a scarf for a swap on I'm almost finished crocheting the scarf, and it's turned out really cute (light pink and white with silver sparkles throughout). I'll post pictures on here later. I always feel better when I go back to doing something I'm familiar with (crocheting) so that I can convince myself that I'm not a complete numbskull. ;) I know that sewing is something that I can do, I just need to practice. And I also want to learn to knit, so I bought some knitting needles and an instructional booklet too. I'm looking for an instructional dvd on knitting as well.

I also bought new fabric (turquoise and brown!) to make a bedside organizer from a pattern in my Amy Butler's In Stitches book that I got for Christmas. I hope it turns out well!

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