Sunday, February 24, 2008

A weekend of R and R

Ok I admit it, I found a great sale on Etsy last night  and just couldn't resist buying this pretty crochet thread on these antique spools from Redworks, in celebration of finally finishing my taxes this weekend.  Yay!  This has been a terrific weekend of rest and relaxation.  I've stayed at home almost all weekend, only leaving the house once on Saturday to ship package numero uno for my Craftster partner, Dexter Mom.  And since she posted some sneak peaks on her blog, I suppose I can do the same, just in case she's stalking me the way I've been stalking her.  :)  She should be receiving the package next week after all.

preview1 preview2 preview3

I am having so much fun with this swap!  I've already decided what the lovely Amy Jo will be getting in package #2.  In fact, I just may get started on that right now!  xo

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Amy Jo said...

Did you get all of the colors pictured?